The old me craved a life of certainty. I did anything I possibly could to avoid uncertainty. To me, uncertainty meant chaos, panic, disorganization, fear, the unknown. When people asked about my hobbies, I would often say “planning.” I lived a life following societal “shoulds.” I should climb the corporate ladder. I should focus on my career and not a love life (because love was uncertain). I should be working toward a promotion. I should be aiming for bigger companies and more money. The problem? Deep inside, I really didn’t want any of it.

I was chasing certainty to feel safe and secure, but it was leaving me feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. I knew I had hit rock bottom when, one night, I was sitting in my home office, crying my eyes out, praying that my boyfriend wouldn’t come home to see me in that state. I dreaded waking up each morning to do a job that meant nothing to me. I hated that I had spent time and money working on an MBA, only because I felt I should. I had little ambition to stay healthy and fit, because my 9-5 job exhausted me. I was lonely in a new city, finding it hard to meet people because of all of the travel for my job. I held my head in my hands and cried thinking, “Where did I go wrong? I shouldn’t feel this way. I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do!” Then, I realized, that if I had done everything because I craved certainty, perhaps I should do something not-so-certain. The one thing I hadn’t done was allow myself to take risks or to step into any type of uncertainty.

At the time, if I had wanted to immerse myself in a program dedicated to uncertainty, I couldn’t have, because that program didn’t exist. So I implemented the first uncertain idea that I had…save up money to quit my job and take a sabbatical. Step away from EVERYTHING. Go to Bali for three weeks. Attend a personal growth retreat. See where life takes me.

I did it. I did all of it! And when I did, I finally found the level of fulfillment and happiness that I had been searching for.

Fast forward to today. I’ve created a place people can come to if they need help embracing uncertainty. I don’t promise that you will be making six figures by the end of the program or stepping into any life-changing situations. I DO promise that you will feel empowered enough to take one step toward the unknown, and I’ll help you do that.

For example, let’s say you’ve always thought about starting up a blog. It would be fun to write about your life, interests, your favoriting things, right? But you haven’t started because you’re too worried about what people will think. You give yourself excuse after excuse. “Well, I don’t know how to build a website.” “Who would read it anyway?” “Who am I to talk about that topic?” Uncertainty is in your path. Judgment is what you fear. What if you could press through that resistance and create the blog anyway? What if you could quiet those voices and doubts? What if you could feel brave enough just to open a WordPress account or buy your domain name or write the text of your first blog post? All it takes is one small action to step to start building momentum, and momentum is the key to facing uncertainty.

I invite you to the very first class of Uncertainty School! I invite you to take your first step into the unknown and to see what blessings await you! Click on the image below to learn more:

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