Hello friends and visitors! I’m hoping that your curiosity around uncertainty is what you led you this site. I’m a big believer in embracing uncertainty!! In fact, it’s the embracing of it that is the reason I’m taking a pause on this site. I’ve been faced with a LOT of uncertainty in the last six months, and I’ve seen the divine lesson in every part of it. Still, there are some things “in the works” that require 99% of my attention right now, and in order to fully embrace the uncertainty around them, I need to take a little break from blogging regularly.

Don’t worry…I’m documenting and keeping notes on the experiences I’m going through, because I do plan on working them into the next session of Uncertainty School. This is all quite fascinating really! (Sorry, that’s all I can tell you right now.)

Keep yourself open to the uncertainties in life…they will bring you many blessings, I promise! Talk to you soon.

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