Before Bali, it’s safe to say that uncertainty was NEVER my friend. That all changed with the Enter The Heart Retreat. As I mentioned in a previous post, we learned the six basic human needs. (Please reference my previous post to learn about the first need: certainty.) Once again, I’ll turn it over to the professional to describe this second need:

“This is the exact opposite of certainty, and it’s funny that we need both. If we always ate the same thing every day, we’d get bored. If there was only one movie to watch, we’d get bored. Variety is the spice of life as they say and without it we don’t function very well. It’s impossible to stay inspired without variety. Plus, the unknown or uncertainty, when faced, gives us an adrenaline rush. Too much uncertainty in our lives can be detrimental, but without it, we die of boredom.” – Mastin Kipp

Mastin had us continuously repeat the uncertainty mantra:

“The quality of my life is directly related to how I handle uncertainty.”

I was scared to death of uncertainty. To me, it represented lack of control, total disorganization, and not feeling secure. I had always admired my boyfriend because he lived for uncertainty, therefore, I thought I would just live vicariously through him when it came to that. The Universe had a different plan for me.

The Universe was pushing me more and more into uncertainty. Back in 2009, I followed a gut feeling to move to Chicago although I didn’t have a job there. Last year, I followed my heart to move to Santa Monica with my boyfriend. Most recently, I left my job for a sabbatical, and it was very uncertain as to where I’d get my next paycheck, but I did it anyway, and it felt wonderful! Through all of these experiences I had to face uncertainty, and when I did, it led me to extraordinary things. Yet, for some reason, I was still scared of it, deeply scared.

That’s why I decided that my mantra for 2015 would be: Embrace the uncertainty! And I’m glad to say that I have! Because of what I learned on the retreat and from practicing kundalini yoga, I respond differently now in the face of uncertainty When something doesn’t go as planned, I’m able to handle the situation much more easily than I used to. Instead of freaking out in an uncertain moment, I savor it and look for the lesson from the Universe. When something scares me, I try to figure out why and then work toward what it will take for me to get over that fear.

Uncertainty is now my new friend, and it’s one of two needs I am focusing on in 2015. I’ll tell you about the other need in a future post, so stay tuned!

What are you doing to meet the need for uncertainty in your life?

pool Ubud Aura hotel

The pool at our hotel, Ubud Aura.

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