When a blog post speaks to me on a deep level, I just have to share it. I do hope you’ll check out the link to this original post and podcast:

The #1 Thing You Must Do If You Want To Change Your Life (& Business)

Image courtesty of AliceNicholls.com

Image courtesty of AliceNicholls.com

This content was created by my soul sister, Alice Nicholls. Alice has been an inspiration to me ever since I first met her in Bali in December 2014.

I’ve taken her course Blog To Profit, which taught me how to treat my blog like a business. (By the way, I’m not making any money by recommending the course or Alice…I truly believe in her work.)

When you listen to this podcast episode, pay particular attention to what she says about uncertainty. We can let our fear of uncertainty rule our personal and professional lives, or we can choose to embrace it and see the miracles that occur.

Let me know what you like best about Alice’s podcast! Leave a comment below with your top takeaway.

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