There’s a special someone that is eager to “make an appearance” on this blog, so I thought it was time I introduced you. Friends, family, and supporters, I’m THRILLED for you to meet…

…8-year-old Jenny!

Jenny Weigle 8 years old

She’s been trying to get my attention for a few years now. It started when I was working with my friend Gina Marotta, a happiness coach, when I lived in Chicago. Through our sessions, I could tell that my inner child was trying to tell me something, but I wasn’t ready to listen at that moment.

I forgot that my 8-year-old self had BIG dreams. What happened to those dreams? I forgot how she used to love performing. When did I let that fade? I forgot how she felt when she was riding her bike or climbing in the woods behind our house. It was a feeling like anything was possible and the world was her playground. At what point in my life did I stop feeling like that?

Fast-forward to my move to Santa Monica. This city reminded me so much of Florida when I first arrived. It’s probably because I was finally back in the sun and sand! As I rode my bike to Venice one day, I had the same sense of freedom and playfulness that I had when I used to ride my bike around the neighborhood as a child. I started to feel that anything was possible, and certainly Venice was a great playground! Again, she was speaking to me.

Fast-forward again to Bali. The first few days of the retreat were focused on letting go. That meant a lot of different things to each person. I saw my inner child clearly in Bali, and I wondered why I had kept her hidden for so long. It was there that I let go off all the excuses I was telling myself as to why I couldn’t let her back in.

Fast-forward to present-day. She has been coming more and more alive since my return from Bali! The Universe has given me hints that I need to fully embrace her, like my interest in dancing again. Like finding this childhood picture in the back of a drawer. Like my obsession with the new Taylor Swift album, which is titled “1989,” when I was 8 years old (didn’t put all that together until just now).

My Bali soul sister, Marie (who is also a therapist), recommended that I put pictures of my childhood self around my apartment, especially on my night stand. I’m going to do just that now that I’ve found this picture. I’m going to let my inner child out to play more often! If I want to be silly, dammit I’m going to be silly! I WILL perform again (more on this in a future post). I WILL dance every day, preferably longer than 15 seconds.

My 8-year-old self is telling me to stop worrying about what others think and do what I love. She’s even inspired a possible business idea that I’m exploring! It’s time that I listened to her.

What is your inner child trying to tell you?


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