The sixth and final need, out of the six basic human needs, is Contribution. I’ve covered the first five needs in previous posts: Certainty, Uncertainty, Significance, Love/Connection, Growth. Here is the explanation of Contribution, which is also known as the master need:

Lessons from Bali: Finding My Contribution

With Mastin Kipp after hiking the rice terraces.

“Once we have our basic needs met, it’s impossible to stay happy without giving back and adding value to the world. Anyone you know who’s ‘made it’ and is happy, is happy partially because they are also contributing and being of service. Being of service and contributing even when we don’t have all our needs met can be an immediate conduit to health and healing.” – Mastin Kipp

During the retreat, we learned that Contribution “makes you courageous in the face of Uncertainty.” This made me reflect on how I am contributing and serving in this world. How do I add value?

You probably saw my vlog post about the question I ask myself daily. That question came about after I learned about the need for Contribution. It relates to many areas of my life. For example, I don’t feel like I’ve made my Contribution when it comes to my career, but I’m working to fix that with my new business. I do feel like I’m on the right track with meeting this need when it comes to my health and serving my mind and body. I also feel like I’m meeting this need in my relationship (something I’ve discussed with my boyfriend).

After learning about all six needs, I realized that the two that have been running my life were the ones for Certainty and Significance. In Bali, I resolved that the two needs I would focus on moving forward would be Uncertainty and Contribution. I want to welcome more Uncertainty in my life, and I want to find my Contribution as it relates to my career. With this sabbatical, I believe I’m well on my way to accomplishing both of these!

How are you fulfilling the need for Contribution?


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