I want to start a business that helps others embrace uncertainty. The problem is, I don’t know anything more than that right now. The word “uncertainty” has come to me in many ways within the last seven months. It’s come to me in meditations, journaling, real-life situations, conversations, readings, television shows, movies, and more. In December, I decided that my intention for the year 2015 would be to “embrace the uncertainty” since I had done the exact opposite of that most of my life.

And what’s happened since I decided to embrace the uncertainty? I’ve found myself at a level of happiness I have not felt since my childhood! I believe that this is why the word “uncertainty” keeps coming up for me. I believe I’m supposed to build a business on this topic.

I’ve got to be honest with myself. Besides experiencing times of uncertainty, I don’t know that much about it. That’s why I am taking the next few months as a deep-dive into this topic. I’m starting off by reading some books about it, and I’m calling this initiative “The Uncertainty Series.” The first book in the series is the best-seller Uncertainty: Turning Fear And Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance, by Jonathan Fields. I’m going to start reading this book today  , and I invite you to join me. Order a copy by clicking the image below, or get it at your local library.

uncertainty jonathan fields

Image Source: Copyblogger

I’m hoping that, after some time reading books in “The Uncertainty Series,” I’ll have a better idea of the product or service I want to offer. Also, I plan on blogging and vlogging regularly during this time to provide updates on what I’ve learned. If you’d like to receive updates on these blog and vlog posts, please subscribe to my email list.

I thought about making a virtual book club out of this…if you’re interested in that, please let me know by sending me a message here.