From this point forward, the month of January 2015 will be known to me as “The Connection Month.”

I’m back from Bali, Chicago, Michigan, and a ton of travel. My sabbatical has not disappointed me yet! Thanks to the “Enter the Heart” retreat in Bali, I’m armed with more information, insight and revelations about myself than I’ve ever had before. I just haven’t had time to process all of this, and I realized that my priority right now is to better connect with myself. I’ve stopped stressing about my business. I’ve made fitness a priority. I’ve got a journal full of knowledge passed on from Mastin Kipp at the retreat and the revelations that resulted from that. It’s time for Jenny to better know Jenny.

It all starts on Thursday when I start the Love Cleanse. This is a cleanse that Mastin recommended for the retreat participants. The entire cleanse is “designed to reconnect you back to who you really are.” Bali was only the first step in this journey. This cleanse is my next step, and I’ll be doing it for the entire month. I won’t post the cleanse details itself because I don’t want to disrespect Mastin (it’s part of his retreats and mastery programs). But I will give you a little hint as to some of the things it includes, or should I say, doesn’t include:

  • No processed sugar, honey or agave
  • No alcohol
  • No dairy
  • No wheat
  • No gluten
  • No caffeine
  • No social media (Yes, I’ll be taking another hiatus.)

There are also many other aspects that involve Kundalini yoga, journaling, personal growth practices, and so much more. I’m not nervous or worried about this cleanse or this month. You might ask why, especially since that’s a lot to give up. Well, I followed these rules during the 11 days of the retreat, and I have never felt better! I see now why Mastin suggests these things to get to the best place (physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally) to connect with yourself.

I have all the answers. They are within me. I just don’t know myself well enough yet to see them. That changes now.


Since I won’t be on social media during “The Connection Month” (just realized how ironic that is), please reach me on email or my cell. If you don’t have this information, please send me a message through the Contact page on and I’ll respond to you with this info.

Also, I know many of you have been asking to hear more about my Bali trip. I promise I will post more, but for now, I need to take this month for myself. In the meantime, here are some pictures from my incredible experience in Bali:

Rice Fields Outside of Ubud

Kevin and I in front of the rice fields. Little did I know that I would be hiking that field just a few days later.

Sunrise over Mt. Agung

Watching the sun rise over Mt. Agung with Gen and Heather, two of my soul sisters!

Rice Fields Outside of Ubud

We hiked to to the top of the rice fields, and it was NOT easy. So proud of this group for getting up AND down!

Tirta Empul Water Temple, Bali

This was known as the “holy spring water temple.” I participated in this ritual in front of each of the 15 fountains. It was a moving experience and left me feeling like I had just had the baptism of my choosing.