Jenny Weigle Pink Hair

Pink hair Jenny, straight out of the salon!

I’ve ALWAYS wanted pink hair, so I did it! I love the color pink, and ever since I was a kid, I thought it would be a fun expression of myself to have pink hair. Of course, I used to let that little voice get in the way and say to me, “What will people think of you?”

I never felt comfortable getting pink hair as an employee of any of the companies I worked for, not that they forbade it. It was my own worries keeping me uncomfortable. (Actually, there is one that definitely would have forbid it.)

This is all part of me embracing the REAL me. And the real me felt like getting my hair colored pink today. And I fucking love it!

What’s something you’ve always wanted but shied away from? Just go out and do it/get it! Life is too short to not listen to the real you.


*This post is part of a 30-day series called “Getting Unstuck” in which I’m trying to figure out my next professional step by getting out of my comfort zone and taking on various challenges. Follow along by subscribing to my weekly email list here.  

Special thanks to Patti at Lorraine Colour Bar in Santa Monica for the beautiful cut and color!