This is my "holy crap I quit my job" face.

That’s right. I did it. I gave notice at work, and my last day is November 21. I didn’t do this because Salesforce is a bad company, because it’s not. I didn’t even do this because I have accepted another offer. I did this to face a fear I’ve been putting off for MANY years.

I want to build my own business.

Now, I don’t exactly know what that means yet, and that is the riskiest, scariest and most exciting thing about all of this! I have an Evernote post that I’m constantly updating with business ideas, and it’s time to turn one of those ideas into reality. I’m going to take a few months off for a sabbatical so that I can sort out my ideas, rediscover my creative side, and see what inspires me. I’ll use this time to not only focus on the kind of business I want to start but also to have a little fun! Because, why not right? Here are some of the things I’m either already planning on doing or hoping to do during my sabbatical*:

  • Vacation in Bali and attend an “Enter the Heart” Retreat (Yes, this is happening!)
  • Launch a YouTube channel. (This is happening, too!)
  • Start a vlog about what it’s like to start a YouTube channel.
  • Shadow a female venture capitalist.
  • Become an active blogger again.
  • Learn to surf.
  • Learn to play at least one song on the guitar. (Dad, it only took 33 years for me to want to play the guitar!)
  • Spend the holidays in Chicago & Michigan.
  • Find a fitness activity that I absolutely love.
  • Have a meal with a writer for a major TV show or film.
  • Spend a day on the set of a major TV show or film. (I guess LA is really getting to me.)
  • Attend the Sundance Film Festival. (I’ll be there Jan. 28-Feb. 1.)
  • Attend the Playlist Live conference in Orlando. (My first YouTubers conference!)
  • Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • Take singing lessons.
  • Do a handstand.
  • Go skydiving.
  • Go scuba diving.
  • Start a business.

The list above includes new experiences, but it also includes many of my fears. I’m using this sabbatical to face my fears and see where the universe takes me.

In one of Mastin Kipp’s recent blog posts, he wrote these words which fully encompass my reasoning to quit my job and go on this adventure:

“When we stifle our creative gift to the world – our lives begin to shrink. Our joy leaves us. We can feel like something is missing. What’s missing is you – and your unique creative expression in this world. Don’t wait another moment to give us all you’ve got.”

I’m not sure where or when it happened, but somewhere along the way I feel like I lost my creative gift. Now, I’m going to find it again, but I’m also going to do some pretty damn cool things in the process.

I’m starting a weekly e-newsletter to document this experience. This is also where I’ll be announcing my business once my sabbatical is complete. If you’d like to join the list, please submit your info below:

Wish me luck on this journey!

*If you or someone you know can help me fulfill any of the items listed above, please get in touch and I will be eternally grateful!