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Part of the reason that I left my last job was because I wanted more flexibility and freedom in my life. I thought to myself, “If I can run a business online, I can work from anywhere!” And that is still the goal that I’m working toward.

Then came the obvious question, “So, how do I get my blog to make money?” At the very time in my life that I was asking myself this question, I met Alice Nichols. We were both on the retreat in Bali that I’ve written about extensively on this blog. After the experience in Bali, I signed up for Alice’s course Hello Blog Academy.

hello blog academy. hello profit.


Now, I have to admit. I entered into this thinking pretty highly of myself. I mean, I have a background in digital marketing. I just wanted to learn how to apply that to generating a profit through my site. If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t think I would find much new information in the course, and yet I was feeling compelled to take it. I’m so glad I did.

My digital marketing knowledge was a great base, but I learned so much more out of the course than I had imagined I would. You should see my action item list that came out of it. If you’ve been wondering why I keep making changes to my web site, it’s because of Hello Blog Academy. Little by little, I’m making edits as recommended in the course, and I’m already seeing results! I’ve noticed an increase in my web traffic, email subscribers and social media followers, all thanks to the tips I’ve been implementing from Alice.

As for profit, well, I’m still deciding on my products and services, so I have not posted any of these yet to even have the opportunity to see profit. That being said, Alice’s course has an entire section dedicated to creating your products and services, and it’s a section I need to revisit a few times and continue taking action on.

hello blog academy. hello profit.

If you regularly read my blog, then you know that I only post about topics, products, services or events that I truly believe in. For me, this course took me to a new level that will enable me to start my online business and have the tools to support it. If this is something you’re looking to accomplish as well, I highly recommend Hello Blog Academy.

The cost of this 8-week course is $1,000. Alice has graciously provided a discount code for my readers that will give you $100 off. Also, payment plans are available. Register at and type in the code JENNY to get the discount. (Note: This is not a public discount, so don’t miss this deal.) The course begins next week.

Questions? Feeling confused? Feeling excited? Hesitating? Not sure? If you’d like to set up any time with me to discuss my experience with Hello Blog Academy, I’m happy to do so. You can contact me here.