I want to hug Disney and Pixar right now. On June 19, they will release a mindful movie called Inside Out. The trailer for it came through my Facebook News Feed this morning, and watching it made me giddy! Check it out:


What I’m most impressed with is how this movie will speak to children about emotions. Now, I know I haven’t seen the film yet, but if it stays true to the trailer, this could be a pivotal film for some kids. Growing up, I never knew what to do with that little voice in my head. Even now I am just learning how manage it! (Heck, I had to pay for a retreat on the other side of the world to learn this. If today’s kids can get a head start on how to process their little voice and emotions, it will save them more than money in the long run.)

I’ll definitely be writing a review of this movie, so be sure to stay connected to this blog to see it.

L.A. friends, who wants to go see this on opening weekend?


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