halloween-149222_1280I’ll bet you were facing uncertainty last month, and you didn’t even realize it.

For many of us, October was full of Halloween anticipation and celebration. I myself was fascinated with haunted houses.

Are you a fan of them? Are you someone who has fun going through them? Are you someone who is brave enough to step into a haunted house, knowing that what will happen inside is…well…unknown?

If you are, then congratulations! Because the very act of going into a haunted house means you are willing to step into uncertainty. Sure, it’s easier to step into it in this situation, because you know when it ends. You know that, at some point, you’ll walk through the other side, exit the experience, and all of that fear and panic will subside.

Imagine if we could approach all uncertain situations the way we approach haunted houses. Imagine if we could approach the situation and say, “I know this will be uncomfortable, but heck, I’m going to have fun with it anyway. And at least I know it will eventually end.”

If we looked at uncertainty that way, I wonder how life might be different. I wonder.

Leave a comment saying how you plan to approach uncertainty in November.