Where is home for you? Is it a city? A house, apartment, or condo? Is it a person?

I used to think home was the city I currently lived in, but the last few months have proved me wrong.

That’s because there’s a new way of thinking about home…OK, it’s actually an old way, but it’s new for me, mainly because I used to think it was too hokey.

You’ve probably heard this saying…

home is where the heart is jenny weigle

I saw this saying countless times in my youth and always thought, “Yeah yeah yeah. Whatever.” But here’s why I was wrong to not see the absolute truth in it…

I’ve learned (after bouncing around the country for the last few months) that it’s completely up to me where I feel at home. It all depends on how much I’m checking in with and listening to my heart.¬†That’s the key. And I learned that because I wasn’t letting me heart guide me. I was letting my head get the best of me (like I’ve done the majority of my life).

When I listen to my heart, I’m more grounded, more focused, more open to facing uncertainty.

So proclaim it with me right now:

I feel at home when I check in with and listen to my heart. (click to tweet)

Let’s make 2016 the year we feel at home in any moment at any place at any time!