I loved to sing as a child. In my adult life, I became afraid of it. I only felt comfortable singing at karaoke bars, after a few drinks, or in my father’s music studio. I never quite understood why I feared doing something I loved.

knowing my own voice jenny weigleAfter my experience in Bali, I resolved to face my fear around this. In April, I signed up for singing lessons. I wrote about my first month of lessons, but now, after looking back at all 16 of them, I can see that this was much more of a magical experience than I ever expected.

That experience culminated last night when Green Brooms Music Academy held its annual spring recital for the adult students. It was optional for me to perform in the recital, but since I was doing this to conquer a fear, I knew that I had to be part of the performance.

Though my legs were shaking, and I was under-the-weather with bad allergies, I was able to step on that stage and do something I had been dreaming of doing. Here are my two recital pieces:

My teacher, Tara, choose the perfect songs for me. “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” is a classic. And who would have ever guessed that I would sing an Italian opera song? But I did!

What did this lesson, or lessons, teach me? It doesn’t matter how old you are. You can always go back to the things you loved as a child and relive them. In fact, when you do, it’s quite therapeutic. In my case, I wanted to better know my voice, and I found that, in more ways than I could have imagined.

I stepped into fear and uncertainty, and I found magic. I wish the same for you!

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  • I took classes through Green Brooms Music Academy in Santa Monica. They are currently enrolling for the summer session!
  • My teacher was Tara Rose Davison, and she has an impressive background in opera singing and classical guitar. I cherished our weekly time together, and I have so much love for this woman.
  • The event that inspired me to sign up for lessons was a personal growth retreat I attended in Bali in December. It was created and hosted by Mastin Kipp of TheDailyLove. Check out his site for all kinds of inspiration and for help in facing something you fear!

Special thanks to my boyfriend for buying me my first month of singing lessons as a Christmas gift (and essentially making me step into my fear of signing up for them)!