RVSX is a group of creatives who came together for the road trip of a lifetime to drive an RV from Chicago to Austin for the SXSW Interactive Conference last week. Here’s what I learned from following their adventures on Facebook and Twitter:

1. Engagement is key:

When you’re building an online community to follow you on an adventure like this, you’ve got to give them reasons to follow you. The RVSX crew kept things interesting with a fun itinerary that kept me asking, “Where will they be next?!” Also, they were consistent in their posts and used many different types of posts, thus keeping the attention of their audience (or, at least, my attention). I especially like how they combined all of their Vines into one section on the web site.

2. SXSW is all about unique experiences:

I’ve been to SXSW Interactive twice. The first year, I stuck to my sessions and went to the big official SXSW parties. It wasn’t until the second year, that I realized the true value of SXSW. It’s not in the big parties, and sometimes it’s not even in the sessions. It’s about creating the most unique experience you can while you’re surrounded by some of the most creative minds of our time. The RVSX crew knew this and understood it well, because the entire RVSX trip in itself was a unique experience, not just for their group, but also for everyone following them. If you’re going to go to SXSW, think of a way to get there other than by plane or car, and document every second of it. But don’t stop there. While you’re at the conference, don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path and see what kind of adventures and people you run into.

3. Do what you love:

I thought this tweet, from Melissa (RVSX crew member and leader), said it all:

This trip was not about any of them getting fame or attention for taking an RV to SXSW. It was about a group of different people coming together for a journey in which they could express themselves and participate in their passions while on the way to the ultimate celebration of all things tech-art-digital. What a great reminder that, when we do what we love, we are living our best life. In this case, the RVSX crew was just doing what they loved, and they inspired me in many ways while on their trip. When I read their updates, I was inspired to think out-of-the-box, to get out there and make more connections with more creatives, and to figure out how I can make the most of my next SXSW experience (whenever that will be).

Thank you RVSX for sharing all of the fun and quirky moments! I look forward to following you next year. Oh, and when will you start taking applicants for 2014?